Karl (louderback) wrote in louderpoetry,

A rare exercise in free verse

Some rare free verse (unrhymed verse without a consistent metrical pattern)


Hi, sit down young man.
It's nice of you to visit today.
I come on Fridays, Dad.
Oh. Well, I don't want to monopolize your time. If you should be talking to the others...
I came to see you.
Have we met? I was a programmer for years, had a national reputation of sorts. Did we meet at a seminar.
I'm your son Jack, Dad.
Of course... I'm just a little tired. How are you Joe?
I'm fine dad. I'm here to have lunch with you.
That's great! I'm allowed to have visitors for lunch, we all are. The food isn't very good though. I used to cook for my boys. I had a whole horde of kids, ten of 'em, all adopted.
I remember.
Never had more than five at home at one time, though. That was plenty of a mob for me. What was I saying? Oh... I used to cook for the boys. I was never much of a cook, but if it involved tomato sauce I could make it.
Together: chili, burritos, or spagetti.
I remember it well.
Have I cooked for you?
I'm your son Jack.
Oh sure! Are you good? I remember cooking chili for you boys. I never could cook chili like my Dad's. I wish you could have tasted it, but mine was not bad. Why don't you stay for lunch. I think they're having chili.
I will dad.
Good. Maybe we can eat out on the terrace. I like eating out-of-doors. I lived in Miami for years. It kinda spoiled me for eating outside.
I used to make a pot of spaghetti that would feed an army, cause I had an army to feed and we would eat on the back patio shoving big plates of spaghetti around with big pieces of crusty garlic bread. Those were good days!
Well, we can have lunch today.
You're staying? Good, we can have guests for lunch. I think they're having spaghetti. Should you be visiting one of the others though? I have family and lots of them don't...
I'm your family. It's me, Jack.
I'm just a little tired. Silly of me not to recognize you right away. Look, they're wheeling out lunch now. Let's go sit.
No, Dad, come this way, there's a seat on the patio.
Oh good. I like to eat outside. My first apartment in Miami had a wonderful patio. All the others were smaller and not as good. I wonder why?
Try the meat loaf Dad, it's not bad.
Meat loaf? This stuff barely qualifies, no flavor at all. I used to make a five-pound meat loaf for my boys. I put cheese and mushrooms right in the mix and pushed six or eight cloves of garlic into it while it baked. I topped it with the same sauce I used for spaghetti after I removed the garlic cloves. The boys used to just go through it like mad.
I remember. Are you finished Dad? You didn't eat much.
I never eat much of this garbage. I'll order some Chinese tonight, or maybe tomorrow and fill up.
OK, Dad. You want to get a lounge by the pool?
No. Don't you have to visit some of the others young man? I seem to be monopolizing your time?
I don't mind. We can spend as much time as you like together.
Let's go walking, then. There's a little pool down that path where I like to take off my shoes and wade a bit.
Dad, there's just trees and grass down there, no place to wade.
With respect, young man, I live here. I think I know what's here and what's not.
I'm sure you're right. Would you just as soon relax over here. There's a lounge under the awning. Nice shade for relaxing.
You could have just said you didn't want to walk.
Awaking from a quiet snore: I just drifted off there for a second. Warm weather'll do that to me.
We can talk a while if you like.
No. I'm a little tired. I'll just nap here.
OK, I'll go on then.
Thank you for visiting me. I appreciate you spending so much time.
It's my pleasure.
To his son's receding back: Jack?
Yes Dad.
Are you going now?
Did we have a good visit.
The best, as always. We had lunch together.
Yes, the chili. Not bad.

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