Karl (louderback) wrote in louderpoetry,

Underneath Those Secrets

Underneath Those Secrets

There are secrets behind your eyes
and underneath those secrets lies.
I fear to bring them to the light, would rather hide them for the night.

Lying together side-by-side,
passion's touch a growing tide,
I'd rather believe your voice than have to make a lasting choice.

We've been together for a year,
but I feel the ending's near.
Too many things refuse to add or add to a result that's only bad.

What is the fault, the fatal flaw,
that leaves us to rub each other raw?
Why has love become but toil when once it made our blood to boil?

Simple answer: "no regrets"
You can keep your hateful secrets.
What we had was all for good and we loved each other while we could.

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